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here are he usage of the rehearsal room,

here are the photo of the Rehearsal room,


MAGIC3's rehearsal room is located near the Kwun Tong MTR station, walk two minutes, which amounts, and convenient transportation, an area of 670 square feet(about 26 feets X 25 feets ), with a full-length mirror on one side and is suitable for a variety of uses over rehearsal or event, welcome for short and long term lease. Whether you want to dance practice Dance, drama exercises, rehearsals juggling magic, or are looking for a comfortable, decent ideals small venues, open Band Show, MAGIC3 Heart rehearsal room is definitely your choice.
MAGIC3 rehearsal room is also suitable for use as a multi-purpose room. Welcome all companies, organisations, groups dedicated leased for a variety of public relations, promotional activities, this is also the venue for meetings, meetings, courses, interest groups, and even birthday parties, all kinds of high-choice party.
If you wish to use our site, we offer in addition to a number of separate lockers, tables and chairs various common equipment, I can also respond to your needs to provide one-stop tailor-made site layout (including professional balloon decoration) and catering, meal service to the meeting. For details, please contact inquiries.
You are welcome to rent before deciding to come to visit the site in person, please call or email immediately contact Fridays.
If you wish to hire MAGIC3 multipurpose rehearsal rooms can be by phone, e-mail inquiries and reservations, also can through online registration and confirm the date and time can be rented. About online registration mode of operation as follows:

 Area: 670 sq. ft.


   Rental Price: 


   Mon - Fri:                                   Sat and Sun:
   00:00 -09:00 :HKD 160/hr          00:00 -09:00 :HKD 180/hr
   09:01 -14:00 :HKD 160/hr          09:01 -14:00 :HKD 180/hr
   14:01 -19:00 :HKD 190/hr          14:01 -19:00 :HKD 210/hr
   19:01 -00:00 :HKD 220/hr          19:01 -00:00 :HKD 240/hr


Routine for booking the venue : 


1. login or register first, remeber the correct email and cell phone number are needed

2. Sent us payment by the following method, then you will receive an e-mail for confirmation; 

3. We will phone you for more detail. 

4. Come to us on the date you book with Printed, or bring an electronic version of e-mail;

5. Our staff will be in accordance with instructions on the email for you; 

6. Enjoy. 


* Payment Method: 


a. Credit Card:Use Paypal, you will receive a confirmation email; or 

b. Cheque: book the Venue first, upload the Cheque to our server, call us to Confirm then; or 

c. Bank Transfer: book the Venue first, and then use banks transfer, send us the transfer paper.


Other terms:


1. Once established, cannot be refunded, please calculate the time required more professional.

2. Each transaction, PayPal will automatically receive 5% of the service fee, MAGIC3 will be responsible for payment in this regard.

3. Each booking which through the system,

    every HKD 100 will be saved as a point,

    every point can be directly converted into HKD 1 into booking issues

4. If your purpose of hire the venue is "partying", you must use our food, performance, balloon arrangement, 

    please email to for asking detail.



Other Materials:


- Chair:HKD 3/hr

- Table:HKD 5/hr

- White board : HKD 10/hr

- 600W photo lamp:HKD 30/hr

- 3.6 m electric screen:HKD 50/hr

- Background Paper for photo per colour:HKD 50/hr

  (black, white, grey, green)


here are the usage of the rehearsal room,

here are the photo of the Rehearsal room,


Enjoy your booking!!