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MAGIC3 Production (HK) Limited

About MAGIC3





MAGIC3 owns the entertainment industry in all aspects of professional performers and production staff, also has a strong creative team, you can arrange different stores and merchandise performances and installations, to attract the attention of customers.

Our members have professional qualifications in Hong Kong and overseas, and have rich experience in production and creation of performing arts, specializing in innovative and unique way to create a different type of show,

And brilliantly clever design, packaging a wide range of products, marketing and promotion.

Thinking from plow to create; from training to performance, we can provide excellent quality service, put your dreams into reality.

We have produced various organizations who have been performing appreciate, including: Television Broadcasts Limited, Hong Kong Ocean Park, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, City of Dreams, Macau Galaxy Entertainment Group, Macau Fisherman's Wharf.



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